What we do

At WAYMARKER MEDIA we offer a range of services targeted at the various stages of your Social Media journey. Just tell us your destination and we’ll get you there!

With our experience in Digital Marketing and profound industry knowledge we will successfully improve your Social Media activity and build a shining online brand for your business.

See below for our portfolio of services:

Plan for our Social Media journey
    Analysis of all current Social Media platforms used by you which allows us to identify the areas were we feel we can help you grow.

    Creating a tailored map for your unique business that will highlight how to get you to where you need to be by successfully implementing Social Media in your marketing plan.

Buckle up - Time to hit the road
    Setting up new and required Social Media accounts for your business and ensuring they represent your brand in the best possible light.

    Giving your Social Media presence a new polished look to W-O-W your potential clients, customers and followers.

    Assisting with the preparation of successful content to share on your Social Media networks by designing informative graphics and engaging imagery, running contests and crafting material that will attract your target audience, raise engagement levels and build your brand effectively.

    Preparing a monthly overview of the content planned for your Social Media networks that is in line with our overall strategy of where we want to go. Hence you'll always be in the loop on what is happening and the steps we take to move towards our goals.

While we are on the road together
    Managing all major Social Media platforms for your business including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest to build a strong Social Media presence for your business.

    • Posting content regularly as per our content calender
    • Responding to comments
    • Removing any spam
    • Engaging with followers and fans
    Regular monthly pit stops where we will review our work ensuring you are always in the loop of what has been done and what we plan to do going forward to get to our destination.

Arrive at our destination

It’s been a great journey, time to celebrate our achievements! Maybe you are up for a new trip with us? Great, we will get the map ready so that we can take a closer look at your future goals and create a strategy of how Social Media can help you reach these.

Click HERE for more details and our prices! We also create bespoke plans for your needs so GET IN TOUCH WITH US TODAY to find out more. We can't wait hearing from you!